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Rotary Evaporator 50L Senco Senco Rotary Evaporator with high Vacuum rate. Our Best performing Rotary Evaporator have big condensing surface Area for efficient distillation. The double loop condenser coil of the rotary evaporator gives higher condensation and receiving rates. Highest Quality perfectly engineered PTFE seal assembly of the rotary evaporator gives extended high life. Simple electronic contorl panel of Senco rotavapor requires lesser maintenance. Strong boro silicate glass parts are used in our rotary evapotor. PT-100 temperature sensor of our rotary evaporator gives high precision temperature control. Ac-Induction motor of our Rotary evaporator is noiseless and maintenance free. Specifications Rotary Evaporator 50L, Water/Oil Bath; - With Patent non-stop tandem receiving tech; - With complete flange joint, no glass SENCO is a among first brands in China, if featured as "Safe. Durable. Efficient", and serves middle and high-end users mainly. Features: - High vacuum performance; - Bath Lifting; - Rich function, friendly operation experience, easy assembly structure; - Popular model among Senco rotary evaporators.
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