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Rovatvapor rotary evaporator manufacturers in india , SENCO rotavapor R206b 2l are developed by sticking to the basics, keeping in mind safety of the user and focusing on giving desired results. They enable to achieve desired results affordably and are backed by trustworthy service. The Lab Scale Rotary Evaporator is simple yet accurate, basic yet precise, up to the mark on performance and friendly on budget. Senco rotary evaporator We have a unite Senco rotary evaporator in Hyderabad and India we have best price senco rotavapor These Rotary Evaporators are used for a variety of applications including: • Concentration • Drying • Refining • Separation • Crystallization Vacuum Sealing system Specially designed and precisely manufactured Anti-corrosion and Wearable Sealing Systems in these Rotary Evaporators enables to reach ultimate vacuum rates of less than 1 Torr. High quality material leads to longer seal life and hence about 90% of the users did not replace the seal in one year. Tandem Type Continuous Receiving With SENCO’s patented unique Tandem Receiving Technology (patent No. 03229693.2), system vacuum does not drop during discharging shifts. With single receiving flask vacuum leakage points are reduced by 50%. Ultimate system vacuum is further improved by Glass-Mirror finish on all Flange joints. PTFE Charging Valve To offer pure, clean charging process and durable use experience, new structure and PTFE material is used in the charging valve. Flange Quick Press Ring One-piece quick clip design eliminates dead seizures in glass joints. Offer new experience on easy, reliable and high sealing connection for flanges (no tools required).
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